Local expertise

  • Body in solid beech or wild cherry handmade by a local craftsman from my design ;
  • Oiled with organic linseed oil by myself ;
  • Assembled in my workshop.
Closeup on the beech and wild cherry mirror bodies, laser engraved


Coucou Hibou allows you to confirm if baby is asleep or still has his/her hat, to better see what your not-yet-talking toddler is signing, to check that your carry or carrier is correctly installed... even if noone is available to help you or you run out of batteries on your phone!

Moreover, it's made with a anti-shock acrylic mirror and attached with a pacifier strap that's childcare standards compliant (Heimess brand, non toxic varnish), eco-friendly (selected local wood essences (maple, beech, hazel), handmade) and which rubber and anti-allergenic stainless steel clip will not damage whatever you pinch it on.

Montage de deux vues d'un miroir relié à une attache-sucette

A nice looking object

Coucou Hibou's back is decorated by a MDF washer with wrap fabric glued on it and which can be magnetic and thus interchangeable (optional). You can then match it to your outfit or your carrier.
The body is all soft curves, its plain wood lets its essence's charm shine, and its proportions allows it to comfortably fit in your hand.

Two mirrors bodies, each with their wooden pacifier straps and interchangeable fabric backs.

Completely custom-made

To make sure it's perfectly adjusted to your tastes, needs and budget, choose:

  • Your babywearing wrap scrap (from my stock, by entrusting me your own or by asking me to find it for you) ;
  • The wood essence for the body : beech or wild cherry ;
  • Wether you want interchangeable backs and a pacifier strap.
Patchwork of various multicolored babywearing wrap fabrics


Here's a table to help you estimate the necessary budget depending on desired options.

After you accept the quote, payment happens in 3 installments (unless you wish to pay all upfront): 40% non-refundable deposit, 30% when I start sewing, 30% when I'm ready to send.
Payments will be done by CC or bank transfer, after I provide you with an invoice.

Base price
(inc. one fixed back - excl. wrap scrap)
Interchangeable back option 10€
Supplementary magnetic back 10€ per piece
Pacifier strap 14€

I'm interested!

Send me your name and email and I'll contact you back so we can talk abour your project.
(Your email will NOT be used for emailing about anything else. Check your spams folder for my answer!)

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